UAProf of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (SM-C101) Leaks


We already talked about the Galaxy S4 Zoom several times in the last couple of weeks, but we finally have some more news on some of the specifications of the device. Earlier this month we already got our hands on the first photo that was snapped with Galaxy S4 Zoom, which also directly confirmed the existence of the device. Today the UAProf surfaced on the Samsung website, these so-called UAProf’s are being used to produce content in an appropriate format for the device in question.

The leaked UAProf shows us that the Galaxy S4 Zoom (SM-C101) is expected to feature a ARM-11 processor, which will likely result in one of the Exynos processors, although we might see two different models, one with a Qualcomm Snapdragon and one with Samsung’s own Exynos, just like they did with the Galaxy S4. Russian analyst Dmitry Ryabinin said that the Galaxy S4 Zoom should look a lot like the Galaxy S4 Mini in terms of hardware specifications, and the UAProf does seem to confirm this statement. The device is likely to carry a 4,3-inch screen with a qHD resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. On the back you will find a 16-megapixel camera with 10x optical zoom.

According to SamMobile we can expect the black Galaxy S4 Zoom in week 23 (June 3, 2013), followed by the white model in week 25 (June 17, 2013). At the beginning of July we can also expect both the Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy S4 Active, which is a rugged version of the Galaxy S4, although the used processor is a bit slower in comparison.

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