Samsung confirmed earlier this year that the company will release a high-end smartphone that is running on the Tizen operating system. Last month SamMobile already announced that the GT-I8000 and GT-8805 are both running on the open-source operating system Tizen. Today we can confirm that these those products will indeed run on Tizen, but we also learned a bit more about the specifications of the device.

The device from that is spotted in de the UAProf name is codenamed Redwood and it will support 4G/LTE and it also has a 1280 x 720 pixels display, although we aren’t sure about the screen size of the device. This is however not the only information that is available in the user-agent profile, because we now can say for certain that it is a Tizen device, considering the fact that it is making use of a Tizen browser with Apple’s WebKit. According to the profile, the Samsung Redwood (GT-8805) will feature a Cortex A9-soc, which is a bit disappointing compared to the powerful Cortex A15 processors that are being used in all of the high-end device that were released this year.

It certainly isn’t the high-end device that Samsung’s Lee Young Hee promised us in March. During an interview with Bloomberg, he said that the company would release a Tizen-smartphone in August or September with the best specifications, but compared to the Galaxy S4 this isn’t anything that we had hoped for.

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